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19/09/2018  |  Eventi & News

Antonio Pieri

Together with the whole Idea Toscana staff I’m very proud of what we have achieved online for the growth and consolidation of our brand and sales offline and online!
The new website of Idea Toscana mainly aims at this:
The consolidation of the brand identity and to give safety to the final customer.
We will give the most possible information and we will reinforce the section of the POINTS OF SALE

nuovo sito idea toscana

Here shortly the novelties of the new website of Idea Toscana:


1) Under the brand Idea Toscana there are 3 sites:
Idea Toscana, that includes the values of our company, our history, the mission, the vision and the company philosophy and much more .... Prima Spremitura, 10 years of natural quality and certified BIO, much more product information in the product sheet, the section of nature’s power, etc… a tecnichal efficient contribution giving you a support to your clientele for the sale of the products.
Prima Fioritura, much more information about this new product line which has given us a lot of satisfaction!

2) During the next year we will publish a new restricted B2B area, called business area, where you can download the public price lists, the product datasheets, etc..

3) A more efficient section called Where to find us (with an easier way for the customers to find out, where our distributors and retailers are located abroad and where they can purchase the products of Idea Toscana)


Thanks to everybody's work, what 10 years ago was little more than an idea …(Toscana), has grow up and has become a reference reality for the cosmetic market both in Italy as well abroad.

WE have put the creativity, the formulation proficiency and the commercial ability, YOU have the great merit to believe in the project of Idea Toscana by putting your professionalism, attention and time dedicated to making your customers understand the different quality compared to conventional cosmetics.

The rest has been done by the new awareness now deeply rooted in each of us that the really natural products are the only healthy answer for our well-being….


And everything went as smoothly as oil……
Best regards and thanks for the first 10 years passed together…

Antonio Pieri

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