Ethical Principles & Certifications

Ethical Principles


Our products are real Natural and Organic Cosmetics of high quality that do not contain the following ingredients : SLS/SLES, PARABENS, SILICON, MINERAL OIL, ISOTHIAZOLINONS, ARTIFICIAL COLOURS AND FRAGRANCES.  

All our products are Dermatological and Microbiologically tested, exclusively made with detergents of vegetable origin and with essential oils. (Allergens of vegetable origin).  

Products with Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil in no manner manipulated or modified as per the standard set by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Certifications Face Care Line “Prima Spremitura BIO”

The Face Care line “Prima Spremitura Bio” certified as ORGANIC COSMETICS by NATRUE is 100 % COMPLETELY NATURAL

  • The organic cosmetics products are made only with natural ingredients from natural sources;
  • 95% of raw natural ingredients are certified as organic;
  • No OGM genetically-modified ingredients have been used;
  • The scent is certified 100% natural;
  • Made with Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Organic Farming.

What is it?

Founded in 2007, NATRUE is a Brussels based international non-profit association committed to promoting and protecting Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide.

The NATRUE Label allows consumers to identify authentic Natural and Organic Cosmetics wherever they are. It is based on strict criteria publically available on the NATRUE website. Each product carrying the NATRUE Label has undergone an independent certification process carried out by third party certification bodies.

The Natrue Certification  ( NATRUE) guarantees only the use of Organic Materials,  all the ingredients are from natural origin and natural identical in accordance with the criteria of compliance certificate. 

NATRUE guarantees that at least 75% of all the individual products in a delimited series (identified either by the brand or the sub-brand) must be compliant with the NATRUE standard. NATRUE prohibits companies to certify only one or two products and then implement marketing strategies, leaving consumers with the impression that the whole line is certified. Certification is a serious process which implies commitment. With the NATRUE unique 75% rule Natrue demands a high-level of commitment from the producers.

The Natrue’s 3 levels of certification:
Natural Cosmetics:
This level is the foundation of the NATRUE Label: it defines which ingredients are permitted and how they may be processed. Products belonging to the two other levels need to fulfil the criteria of this level first.
Natural Cosmetics with organic portion
All the above mentioned conditions apply but at least 70% of natural* ingredients must stem from controlled organic production and/or controlled wild collection. Compared to the first level, Natrue requires higher levels of natural ingredients and lower levels of derived natural ingredients.

Organic Cosmetics
Both of the above mentioned conditions must apply with at least 95% of natural* ingredients stemming from controlled organic production and/or controlled wild collection. Compared to the second level, Natrue requires even higher levels of natural ingredients and even lower levels of derived natural ingredients. 

*and/or derived natural, where applicable

Only a few specific products can attain this level, based on current scientific knowledge. Attaining this level is a real challenge for manufacturers.We are proud to say that our company obtained for our face line “Prima Spremitura Bio” the highest level of certification with "Organic Cosmetics". For some products we even exceed the minimum percentage requested, (which is already higher, 95%) of natural ingredients! 

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What is it?

It is an International non-profit organization established in order to control and certify Natural and Organic Cosmetics. It is respectful of health, high quality standards to come back to a pure and authentic cosmetics.

STANDARD FOR ORGANIC COSMETICS. This standard requires that 95% of the ingredients are "natural" and "of natural origin". The total amount of "natural" ingredients should be certified organic according to “Reg. CE 834/2007, NOP, JAS, IFOAM standards”, etc. Under derogation, 5% of such "natural" ingredients can be not certified organic.

Certification natural body care cosmetic line “Prima Spremitura”

High level of quality at a competitive price: A NATURAL FORMULATION.
The “Prima Spremitura Body Care Line” is produced according to the current market trends.
Therefore the products don't contain any artificial colors but we have added to the formulation only raw materials/coloring tones of natural origin.


What is it?

The Consortium for the protection of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil PGI guarantees the authenticity of the olive oil from the olive grove to the harvesting , milling and the packaging take place in Tuscans’ territories.  In addition the Consortium guarantees the Organoleptic properties and the recognized quality standards.  


What is it?

The excellence of the agro-food production is the result of a perfect combination of human and environmental factors of a given territory.  Whoever produces PGI has to follow the selective production’s rules established by the regulation of production. The observance of these regulations is guaranteed by a specific control organism.  * Control’s organisms authorized by the Ministry: 
*Biocert Italy: Control and Certification organism.
I.C.E.A. : Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute. 
CCPB Srl : Control and Certification Organism.
SUOLO E SALUTE : Territory and health – Control and Certification Association.
Q Certification Srl.
BIOS: Control and Certification Organism.
Mediterranean Institute of Certification Srl (Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione Srl).
Codex Srl: Control and Certification Body. 
EcoSystème International Certification Srl (ECS). 
ECOCERT Italy : Control and Certification Organism.

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