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Sponsorships - Sport

Prize-giving of the "Circuito Itinera" second stage at the Modena Golf & Country Club

2/22/2017  |  Sponsorizzazioni Sportive

On Sunday, February 12th, at the Modena Golf & Country Club, was held the second stage of the Golfitinera’s Circuit “VOUCHER & TRAVEL GOLF TOUR”.

On this occasion, the winners of the race and of the draws were rewarded with the Prima Spremitura products that, as always, were much appreciated by all the "Circuito Itinera" participants.

Idea Toscana official sponsor of "Circuito itinera 2017"

1/24/2017  |  Sponsorizzazioni Sportive

As tradition, also this year Idea Toscana will be the official sponsor of "Circuito Itinera 2017". In 2016, in 60 races organized by the "Circuit Itinera", over 300 partecipants were honored with “Prima Spremitura” products!

The appreciation of our prizes by the players, and not only, means that our commitment to Golfitinera is renewed with more enthusiasm in 2017!

"Idea Toscana" Trophy at "Le Pavoniere" Golf Club - Prato

1/16/2017  |  Sponsorizzazioni Sportive

On Saturday, January 21st, 2017 at the Golf Club "Le Pavoniere" in Prato, will be held the trophy "IDEA TOSCANA" of which we will be the official sponsor.


Will also be held on the last stage of the “hole in one” group “Palmucci Contest win a JEEP!


You can play in one of the most beautiful golf courses in Tuscany designed by the great Arnold Palmer!

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