Prima spremitura is in the new shop Biolinea in Krakow

12/23/2016  |  2016
Prima spremitura is in the new shop Biolinea in Krakow

The products of Idea Toscana will be available in the new store Biolinea in Krakow, Poland! Tuscany and the products Prima Spremitura have so won our new customer to push him to re-create a Tuscan glimpse in the Polish city with a shop specializing in selling natural and organic cosmetics from our beautiful region!

We conclude 2016 with his beautiful testimony.

“The press constantly inundates us information about the harmfulness of substances in conventional cosmetics. In the world, also in Poland, we observe a strong trend in the demand for natural and organic cosmetics.

Customers are looking for cosmetics from reliable of sources, without harmful substances, gentler to the skin. Many people using natural cosmetics has a very sensitive and allergic skin.

Combining market demand with my values the idea of a shop with cosmetics emerging in harmony with nature.

During the holidays I had the opportunity to spend time in the magical atmosphere of Tuscany, so I decided to get to know Italy, which fascinated me its climate, lavender fields and olive grove. There I encountered for the first time on your cosmetics.

No Tuscan cosmetics in Poland additionally motivated me to set up shop Biolinea with natural cosmetics. I decided to carefully select cosmetics that offer for sale so that customers can buy the goods of the highest quality to which every conscious customer deserves.

Currently I sell natural and organic cosmetics online store. I cooperate with hairdressing salons, green stores, drugstores, hotels, motels and guest house”.

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