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Events & News

Prima Living Group Annual Report 2016

3/1/2017  |  Eventi & News

Our distributor, Prima Living Group Ltd, has sent us an annual report with all the activities carried out in 2016 in Hong Kong and Macau.


We are very proud of the work that Prima Living Group Ltd. continues to do for the diffusion of our brand through trade shows, promotions in stores and advertising in magazines and newspapers.

Prima Spremitura products in the "Collection Blue Club", Brno

2/28/2017  |  Eventi & News

Our distributor for the Czech Republic, Linea Toscana, informs us that Prima Spremitura products are now available in a new store in Brno dedicated to Italian luxury products, the "Collection Blue Club".

Prize-giving of the "Circuito Itinera" second stage at the Modena Golf & Country Club

2/22/2017  |  Eventi & News

On Sunday, February 12th, at the Modena Golf & Country Club, was held the second stage of the Golfitinera’s Circuit “VOUCHER & TRAVEL GOLF TOUR”.

On this occasion, the winners of the race and of the draws were rewarded with the Prima Spremitura products that, as always, were much appreciated by all the "Circuito Itinera" participants.

Idea Toscana at "Natural Expo 2017"

2/13/2017  |  Eventi & News

From 17th to 19th February, Martina will bring Prima Spremitura products to the "Natural Expo 2017" in Forlì. In the large showcase of ForlìFiera, lovers of nature will appreciate natural cosmetics, furniture, organic food and more.

Idea Toscana will be in the "Biobeauty Fashion" with its assortment of products made of Organic "Toscano PGI"Extra Virgin Olive Oil!


We hope to see many of you!

Idea Toscana official sponsor of "Circuito itinera 2017"

1/24/2017  |  Eventi & News

As tradition, also this year Idea Toscana will be the official sponsor of "Circuito Itinera 2017". In 2016, in 60 races organized by the "Circuit Itinera", over 300 partecipants were honored with “Prima Spremitura” products!

The appreciation of our prizes by the players, and not only, means that our commitment to Golfitinera is renewed with more enthusiasm in 2017!

Prima Spremitura at Formex exhibition in Sweden

1/17/2017  |  Eventi & News

Our distributor for Sweden, "Grevinnans Rum", has announced us that our products will be presented from 18th to January 21st at the "Formex", the largest design exhibition in Sweden in the special section for beauty care products.

A new great showcase on the Swedish market!

"Idea Toscana" Trophy at "Le Pavoniere" Golf Club - Prato

1/16/2017  |  Eventi & News

On Saturday, January 21st, 2017 at the Golf Club "Le Pavoniere" in Prato, will be held the trophy "IDEA TOSCANA" of which we will be the official sponsor.


Will also be held on the last stage of the “hole in one” group “Palmucci Contest win a JEEP!


You can play in one of the most beautiful golf courses in Tuscany designed by the great Arnold Palmer!

Prima spremitura is in the new shop Biolinea in Krakow

12/23/2016  |  Eventi & News

The products of Idea Toscana will be available in the new store Biolinea in Krakow, Poland! Tuscany and the products Prima Spremitura have so won our new customer to push him to re-create a Tuscan glimpse in the Polish city with a shop specializing in selling natural and organic cosmetics from our beautiful region!

Read here his beautiful testimony!

Prima Spremitura products arrive in the pharmacy chain "10fun" in Taiwan

12/19/2016  |  Eventi & News

Thanks to our distributor in Taiwan, Ming Suei, Prima Spremitura products are available within 5 stores of the pharmacy chain "10fun" ("10 types of beauty happiness") in Taiwan.

Idea Toscana in Kaohsiung's department store, Taiwan

12/14/2016  |  Eventi & News

Our distributor in Taiwan, Ming Suei, is pleased to announce that our products are displayed from 11.11.2016 to 18.12.2016 in Kaohsiung's SHIN KONG MISUKOSHI Department Store, in Taiwan.

Opening of a new store inside Busch Gardens Theme Park of Williamsburg in Virginia!

12/13/2016  |  Eventi & News

Our distributor in Florida, Granducati, is pleased to announce that starting from December 16th 2016 our products will be sold in Virginia inside Busch Gardens Theme Park of Williamsburg in the store BELLA CASA!

Fair of Natural Products Scandinavia

11/15/2016  |  Eventi & News

Our exclusive distributor from Sweden "Grevinnans Rum" will participate at The Scandinavian Business Event for Healthy Living, Natural Beauty, Nutrition and Self Care in Malmo, Sweden from November 16-17 of 2016. Dedicated areas for Beauty & Skincare, Vegan food and Nordic Organic Chef Competition.

"Green Beauty Market 2016"

11/1/2016  |  Eventi & News
Our exclusive distributor of the Czech Republic "Linea Toscana", will participate at the exhibition "Green Beauty Market 2016" in Prague from 11 to 12 November 2016.
It’s the first fair concentrated on natural and bio cosmetic products only.
You can find published all exhibitors here

"The taste of the winter"

10/5/2016  |  Eventi & News
On October 21th – 23th  we will participate at the fair "The taste of winter" in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Our distributor "Nails & Beauty Suzanne" will expose the "Prima spremitura" line of IDEA TOSCANA.

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