Handmade Terracotta

The glazed "Terracotta" line "Idea Toscana", which is in line with the noblest of the Tuscan manufacturing arts, is born from a simple and traditional handcrafted workmanship, rustic but embellished by the handmade decoration that fits well with the exclusive pictorial motif of the olives which characterize all the "Prima Spremitura" products of Idea Toscana.
After the first firing called "Biscottatura", the manufactured articles are hand decorated and subsequently glazed, then finally they go through the second phase of firing at 960°. All the phases of the workmanship are carried out with specific products for alimentary use, non-toxic and lead-free. The exclusive and original decor is executed on every single hand decorated piece for Idea Toscana by the author and creator Piero Biondi who signs every object in the series.

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12 Item(s)

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