Antonio Pieri becomes ambassador of Tuscany

Ambassador of Tuscany

When we created the Idea Toscana brand in 2002, the aim was already clear for us, we wanted to give everyone, in all countries of the world, the daily experience of care and well-being in the Tuscan way. Our Vision is to share, through the use of our products, the immense artistic, cultural, natural, gastronomic and manufacturing heritage left as a dowry by our enlightened predecessors, producing natural and organic cosmetics for wellness according to the highest manufacturing tradition in Tuscany.

"Idea Toscana isn’t only an idea, is our life."

We are the ambassadors of Tuscan qualitative excellence in the world and perseverance to perfection is an integral part of our DNA. Knowledge and flavors, perfumes and colors, enchanting landscapes and excellent quality of life, these are the values instilled by our products, quality is a choice .... of quality!

what it's: It's Tuscany

It's a territorial marketing project that combines the love for Tuscany, the uniqueness of every single territory, the artisan knowledge, the food and wine traditions, all the beauty of territories rich in history, art and traditions: it's the first leading marketplace in Tuscany

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