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Small and practical, natural single-dose cosmetics are the right solution for those looking for safe and perfect products to keep close at hand. The natural cosmetics in single-dose version are in fact the most practical way with which you can take care of your skin to make it shine in all its beauty.

Here are four reasons to choose them, try them out and include them in your daily face routine!

1. MINI format - MAXI Safety and Freshness

When we use cosmetics, in particular the face cream, it is not always enough to take care of the hygiene of our hands to prevent bacterial contamination and, consequently, irritation.

The single-dose sachets guarantee maximum hygiene because they are only opened at the time of use, freeing the freshness of a product every day as new.

2. ZERO waste

It often happens that, once the jar of the face cream has been opened, despite its daily use, the packaging does not finish before the PAO expires.

But what is PAO?

This acronym stands for Period After Opening and indicates the number of months after the opening within which it is possible to consume the product in complete safety. We find it reported on the packaging of the products and is characterized by the symbol of a can with a number inside (the months within which to use the product) followed by the letter M.

So often it can happen that you do not finish your cosmetics within this sort of expiration date with consequent waste of the product that will end up in the trash can.

The single-dose cosmetics instead, after opening, are used at one time or in any case within a few days. For this reason the indication of the PAO on the packaging is completely superfluous. You can then say goodbye to waste because you can use up to the last drop of product.

3. Your best travel companions, always at your fingertips

Would you like to bring your cosmetics in the gym, at the seaside, in the office or every day in the bag without too much weight in it? Above all, those who make frequent air travel know that taking their cosmetics with them can often become a nightmare! The limits imposed by the airlines on the quantity of liquids and the risk of breaking the fragile glass packaging make transport very difficult.

With the single-dose formats, on the other hand, you will be able to eliminate the old packs at risk of breaking or leaking products. Just take one or two sachets out of the package to always carry your creams to use in case of "dry skin emergency"!

4. Even the Planet loves them

The sachet of single-dose cosmetics is often associated with plastic waste and, consequently, with pollution. In fact, this is not always true!

Almost never is calculated the weight reduction that happens when you move to a single-dose package, what allows savings not only in terms of material to be recycled but also in weight of transported product, which generates a lower smog production.

Embrace the revolution of the single-dose natural cosmetics: more practical, safer and at your fingertips!


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