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How to have perfect lips using only natural products and recipes DIY

To whom will never happen to have chapped lips in winter or dry in summer? Whether because of the cold, the wind or the sun, our lips often need some extra attention.

The skin that covers them is in fact much thinner than the skin of any other part of the body, making them extremely delicate. The dermis is thin enough to allow a glimpse of the blood vessels below it, giving them the rosy glow.

Here is our beauty routine, perfect lips in few minutes!

1. It all starts with proper nutrition

Dehydration and lack of vitamins A, B, C and E are, together with the action of climatic agents, the main causes of dry lips. Eating foods rich in Omega 3 like salmon or Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings great benefits to dry and / or mature lips.

It is also essential to drink a lot, maybe smoothies, rich in vitamins, and making more enjoyable maintain hydration. Avoid citrus fruits, however, due to their acidity could exacerbate the burning caused by cracks.

2. Remove dry skin with a gentle scrub

Make a scrub do-it-yourself is healthy and fun. Mix a teaspoon of honey, one of sugar and a half of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Rub on the lips in a circular motion and let stand for a few minutes.

This scrub simultaneously allows to exfoliate and moisturize giving you new lips.

Being a very delicate part, it should not apply for more than 2 times a week. Also, do not keep it to avoid rancidity oil or bacterial contamination!

3. Nourish your lips

To nourish and hydrate the lips use, morning, evening, and when necessary, a good lipstick made with oils, vegetable oils, natural waxes, preferably sunscreen. The benefits are immediately visible.

4. The key is cleansing

The make-up routine of our lips start with a perfect daily hygiene. Pour a few drops of the face tonic on a cotton pad, move gently on the lips and let it dry.

5. Choose the right lipstick

If you want to make them optically fuller, apply a darker lipstick on the corners, one lighter on the central part and illuminate with a gloss.


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