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March 24, 2017 No comments

Cosmetics to use to make your skin glow in Spring

Finally the long-awaited Spring is here. Once you have put your duvets in the closet and pulled out lighter jackets, it's time to change the season even for our cosmetics!

With the rise of temperatures we have to start to lighten our skin, not only by removing heavy sweaters but also cosmetics that in winter have protected us from frost attacks. As a matter of fact, with the heat, they become overly nutritious and heavy.

So we replace our beloved night cream with a lighter face cream and carry out these 7 easy beauty gestures to renew our skin in Spring!

# 1 Exfoliation!

The Springword is exfoliating! After the frost of winter the skin looks dry and thickened, it needs to be renewed by carrying out the proper ritual of exfoliation. Once or twice a week, replace your usual bath sponge and face cleansing, with an exfoliating sponge. Doing so, you will rejuvenate your skin without excessively stressing it.

lavarsi il viso

# 2 Deep cleanse

Now more than ever it is important to clean the skin deeply. During the winter time many toxins have accumulated due to the stay for many hours in closed rooms. Now that we have the opportunity to spend more time in the open air, it is essential to help our skin to detox.
To do this, we regulary use specific facial skin cleansers such as micellar water that, with its innovative formula, attracts all impurities leaving the skin completely purified.

# 3 Restore the balance with the toner

After stressing our skin with scrubs and cleansers, even if natural and delicate, it is time to restore the balance.
If your skin tends to be oily or you have a combination skin type, it is vital to use a toner that, restoring skin balance, prevents excessive sebum production as a reaction to the elimination of the hydro-lipid film.
Toner is also very important for dry and mature skin because it is rich in vital skin substances such as antioxidants and tonic.

crema viso

# 4 The right nourishment and hydration for your skin

As mentioned earlier, it is time to gradually replace the night cream, which sometimes in the winter you also use during the daytime, with a lighter face cream. However, apply your nourishing cream in the evening before going to sleep, especially during the period when you exfoliate more, in order to give your skin all the principles it needs to renew.
I recommend choosing the best face cream. With increasing temperatures, the pores of the skin open, thus allowing all the damaging ingredients that are contained in traditional cosmetics to penetrate deeply! So always choose good organic cosmetics!

# 5 Seduce your skin: the compressed face mask

Have you have tried compressed face masks? These are special cut-out fabrics made to adhere to the face and compresses that, immersed in a liquid like for example a toner, expand and create a real mask to apply for a few minutes on your face. They are perfect for this season because they allow you to give your skin a brightness never seen before.

Mani e piedi al top

# 6 Hands and feet on top!

After months covered in gloves and shoes, our hands and feet also come out from the lethargy. So we can not show them so thick and cracked! Better batten down the hatches! In this case too, the steps to be taken are two:

1. Exfoliation: use exfoliating sponges and pumice stones, perhaps after immersing them for a few minutes in lukewarm water and Marseille soap.

2. Hydration: As long as the skin has not recovered its integrity, it will be necessary to help regenerate it by feeding it with good hands and feet cream to restore its natural beauty.

# 7 A detox cure from the inside...acqua detox aromatizzata

Beauty comes from within, in every sense! In Spring more than ever we feel that we need a change in our nutrition. It is the signal of our body to let us know that its needs have changed: it no longer needs nutritious foods to cope with the frost, but foods rich in vitamins, mineral salts and liquids to cope with the first exposure to the sun's rays.
For this reason, drink more of tea, infusions, juices and centrifuges of fruits and vegetables, to moisturise your skin from the inside and make it bright. The main allies this season are lycopene-rich tomatoes, a substance that will help us in the summer because it will create a real barrier against harmful UV rays.
The current fashion in detox foods is the flavored water, obtained by adding to the simple mineral water fruits, herbs and vegetables and by letting them rest in the fridge from 2 to 12 hours, so that all the vitamins can enrich the liquid. Try adding some mint leaves and some lemon and cucumber slices to your water, you will not regret it!


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